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We create high-converting content and use robust media buying strategies to grow Health and Wellness Brands, decreasing their new customer cost by 20% in 90 days or less.

Them VS Us

Other agencies

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Care about scaling their agency

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Only know how to run ads

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Don't understand ecommerce

Alpha Inbound

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Boutique by design

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We know ads are 1 piece

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We understand ecommerce

The Macro VS
Micro Approach

To build a long-term sustainable brand, you need to understand how each marketing channel interacts with your entire ecosystem. The four pillar process we take our partners through ensures you’ll know exactly how paid social is contributing to your bottom line.

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1 . Content

Success on paid social is now less about fancy marketing tactics, and much more about high quality content that does the targeting for you. Our Creative Strategists, video editors and copywriters spend hours researching your ideal customers - so when they are scrolling through their newsfeed and see your ad, it’ll grab their attention within 3 seconds or less.

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2. Customer Journey

Although we don’t charge for CRO as a seperate service, part of the reason our DTC partners love us, is because we take it upon ourselves to help understand their entire ecosystem. We’ll proactively give you ideas on how to keep your customers engaged throughout your entire journey - from discovery on paid social, to repeat purchaser.

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3. Brand Economics

We know it’s not just about ROAS from each platform - the most important thing is your bottom line revenue. We tell you which metrics matter for scaling on paid social, and help you understand how to positively impact them, setting specific KPIs in line with your targetted growth. This includes cahsflow, margins, AOV, and LTV.

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4. Attribution

Since IOS 14, accurately tracking paid social campaigns has become increasingly more difficult. We help you understand exactly how each marketing channel is effecting your ecosystem so you can allocate budgets effectively to sustain growth. We’ll also recommend to you a number of 3rd party attritbution tools which we’ve spent hours testing.

How we helped others.

Highline Wellness logo

Highline Wellness: 40% Decrease In the Cost To Aquire Every New Customer on Facebook and Instagram


Lower CPA from $105 - $65


Increase in Adspend


Decrease in CPC

The Discovery You've Been Looking For.

First impressions last the longest. Just like with your potential customers scrolling through that newsfeed, we care what you think, and our unique 3-step discovery process is your guide to success on paid social.

1. Quick Chat

The first step is understanding your current situation and the challenges you’re facing to see if we can actually bring you value.

2. In-Depth Analysis

Our team will then be assessing your ad accounts, customer journey, and content - seeing exactly what needs to be fixed in order for your brand to see success on paid social.

3. Your Paid Social Strategy

We’ll then jump on another call call with you and your team to showcase our findings, giving you a complete breakdown of your entire ecosystem.

Our mission

"To Build Trust & Respect Between DTC Brands and The Modern-day Marketing Agency"


It’s important we’re brutally honest with each other. This transparency then outwardly reflects to our business partners and the end result is extremely proactive relationships.


We love giving unique individuals a stage to express themselve upon. This is where the magic happens and in marketing, creative freedom is paramount. As Steve Jobs would say: “Here’s to the crazy ones”.


We’re cultivating a team of A-Players who want to push themselves to the limit and see what’s truly possible. Alpha Inbound is not an environment for the faint hearted.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Joshua Graham

founder & head of strategy

Having spent over $20 Million on Facebook ads and generating over $70 Million for DTC brands, Josh is one of the most experienced marketers in this space.

Nigel Thomas


Having previously built a 7 figure agency and consulted many 7 and 8 figure DTC brands on their marketing strategy, Nigel knows what it takes to implement complex paid social campaigns at scale.

Start understanding how each marketing channel actually contributes to your bottom line.